Symposium S27

State-of-the-art: Theories, prevention, and treatment of behavioral addictions

Vorsitz: Brand M, Rumpf HJ

Inclusion of gambling disorder and gaming disorder in the ICD-11 is currently being proposed and the new category “disorders due to addictive behaviors” is considered the appropriate position for gambling and gaming disorders. Other potential behavioral addictions, such as pornography-use disorder/hypersexual disorder and buying-shopping disorder, are currently considered impulse control disorders, although several researches emphasize parallels between gambling/gaming disorders and pornography-use/buying-shopping disorders justifying the classification as addictive behaviors. In this symposium, we will be discussing the state of the art of research on gambling disorder (Marc N. Potenza), gaming disorder (Hans-Jürgen Rumpf), pornography-use disorder (Matthias Brand) and buying-shopping disorder (Astrid Müller). The talks will address theoretical considerations, psychological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying the addictive behavior, prevention strategies, and efficacy of treatment approaches, as far as research data are available for the respective type of behavioral addictions (gambling disorder, gaming disorder, pornography-use disorder and buying-shopping disorder). Diagnostic criteria and comparisons across these addictive behaviors will be discussed as well.

Gambling Disorder: Current Theoretical, Prevention and Treatment Considerations
Potenza MN, Yale, Großbritannien

Gaming Disorder: Classification, mechanisms, treatment and prevention
Rumpf HJ, Lübeck

Theories, prevention, and treatment of pornography-use disorder
Brand M, Duisburg

Buying-shopping disorder
Müller A, Hannover